How to Create A Great Vision

Having a vision is like the universe coming to your front door step handing you a blank check saying hey this is your check, write down whatever you want to . Now for many of us being handed a blank check would literally be the best moment of our entire lives. No more restrictions, no more lack of resources. We get to write our own ticket to life. But if you were to receive a blank check right now, what you know exactly what you would write down on it? My inclination is that probably not. Of course, you’d say, “I’d write something big.” Some large amount. But in exact terms, do you know what you would write.

The truth of the matter is that every morning when we wake up, life hands us a blank check. Life is telling us you can have whatever you want. There are no restrictions or boundaries. But the only caveat is that life doesn’t tell us when we need to write the amount on the check. So many of us go through our daily lives meandering holding blank checks in our hands that are unfilled out. And we only have these blank check in our hands because life isn’t telling us that we need to decided right now. Continue reading “How to Create A Great Vision”


How to Handle Rejection

Rejection sucks!

It absolutely does not feel good to be rejected and to hear “no” when we honestly really wanted something.

Rejection happens when our courage and our vulnerability is met with disappointment.

We were courageous enough to be honest with ourselves and say “Hey, you know, I really want this thing. I want to go after this; deep within my heart, this is my desire.” Our vulnerability is displayed when we bring our desire to a person, group or organization and we say, “This is my desire Continue reading “How to Handle Rejection”