How to Handle Rejection

Rejection sucks!

It absolutely does not feel good to be rejected and to hear “no” when we honestly really wanted something.

Rejection happens when our courage and our vulnerability is met with disappointment.

We were courageous enough to be honest with ourselves and say “Hey, you know, I really want this thing. I want to go after this; deep within my heart, this is my desire.” Our vulnerability is displayed when we bring our desire to a person, group or organization and we say, “This is my desire Continue reading “How to Handle Rejection”


How To Increase Productivity

Productivity is such a buzz-word in our culture because it ultimately measures how effective we’re being in our daily lives. Productivity asks are we making sure that we do the things that we need to on a daily basis to arrive at the next level. Productivity helps quantify if we’re doing the things that we said we would do, if we’re keeping our word to ourselves, to our loved ones, to the people that we work with them work for.

Productivity is the end-all be-all in helping us know, understand, and feel if we on our way to arriving at the next level. So, it’s really easy to understand when we don’t feel productive, how we can find ourselves in a rut. When we feel unproductive, we can feel stressed or people can be disappointed in us. Then we become frustrated and it helps us to be even less productive.

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How To Increase Productivity

What I Know Is True


I believe that everyone has a purpose. A pathway designed and crafted for us to journey through life on. We’re uniquely gifted with skills passions and talents and I believe when we tap into those things we become our most true and authentic selves and who we are in those moments is just a glimpse of who we could be if we diligently pursue that purpose.

A pivotal part in my journey was in the middle of a challenging career season where I had a job where literally tens of thousands of people had applied and I was grateful, but ultimately I knew that’s not where I belonged. I will go home, then come alive because I was able to give my time and energy to the things that was really passionate about. So, I had a conversation with the mentor of mine and I was explaining the challenges I was facing and he gave me two questions that changed the trajectory of my life.

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What I Know Is True