Being Authentic

Don’t Be A Copycat

Nobody likes a copycat. You get no points for your unoriginality. And the only thing worse than being rejected for who you are is being accepted for who aren’t.

You would think being authentic would be easy. After all, the only person you’ve ever been your whole life is you! And I’ve only been me, but if we’re honest sometimes we need to find ourselves and do an authenticity check.

Where the Problem Lies

One of my favorite quotes says “success leaves clues.” And its true. Those of us who have done what we’ve done have left clues behind them and if we follow those clues, we too can be successful. But the problem is when we become duplicators instead of innovators. The success clues left for us are meant to inspire, not meant for us to simply copy in hopes that somehow the world will reward us for being lazy.

How Do We Live Authentic Lives?

1. Be honest with yourself

Being authentic with the world is first about being authentic with yourself. It can be easy to lie to ourselves about what we want or don’t want. The world can give us their suggestions about the decisions we should be making, but at the end of the day we have to be honest.

2. Be comfortable with discomfort

Being honest sometimes brings along conflict. In some situations, conflict with those who are closest to us. What happens when being authentic rubs someone the wrong way? You decide on a career path that your loved ones don’t agree with or to pursue a dream they don’t support? It brings discomfort. But that’s ok because you have the ability to be comfortable in the midst of discomfort. Stand your ground and continue to love in the midst of challenging times. Keep your joy and don’t fold.

3. Don’t let anyone quiet your self expression

I love the quote that says “well-behave women seldom make history.” I think this thought stretches to men and women because sometimes we need to be rebels in our to live out our true authentic lives. Don’t let anyone tell you your hopes can never come true, your dreams are too big, or your expressions are unacceptable. Don’t allow yourself to be quieted by those driven by fear. Your voice matters and it should be heard.

4. Keep searching until you find it

The search for an authentic life is a marathon, not a sprint. As we learn more an evolve, we become more complex and need to reevaluate what matters most to us. Don’t get weary on your search for authenticity. Keep trying things until you find what works. It may mean enrolling into multiple programs, dying your hair 10 times, or living in different parts of the world. The silver lining is that once you find it, you’ll have it and never lose it.


Being Authentic

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