Having A Growth Mindset

All Mindsets Aren’t Created Equal

What you believe about your ability to grow determines your future. To realize your full potential, you need to operate with the right mindset that allows you to push past obstacles and become your best.There are only two types of mindsets that exist in the world-Fixed Mindsets and Growth Mindsets. 

People that have fixed mindsets believe that their abilities are capped at a certain level and they need to make the best of life with what they have.

However, people that have growth mindsets believe they have the ability to experience continual growth and development. They aren’t threatened by failure because they know they have the ability to learn and grow from their mistakes.


The Beauty of Having a Growth Mindset

1. Failure is Irelevent

Most people are discouraged by the outcome of failure. So much so, that the mere thought of failure is paralyzing enough to keep some people from trying. They don’t want to face the reality of failing because it could be a definitive experience labeling them as “not good enough.”

But those with a growth mindset rename failure as feedback. When failure occurs, they begin to question what could be better instead of allowing the circumstance to define who they are. They know there are things to be learned and implemented, and therefore they continue to grow

2. Tomorrow Always Provides Opportunity

When you operate with a growth mindset, you give your best to the present moment, but know tomorrow always has better opportunities available.

Implementing feedback day by day means that the process only gets better. With time and effort, you increase your efficiency and skill and things that used to be difficult are now walks in the park. Having a growth mindset means that you wake up with anticipation that you can do more and create more because you are constantly growing as a person and in your craft.

Having A Growth Mindset

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