Seizing Opportunity

Don’t Take This Opportunity For Granted

What if I told you the opportunity that you have right now is the last opportunity you’ll ever get to make your dreams come true? How would you respond to life if you knew you’d never have another opportunity like the one that before you right now?

This is the type of posture we must take to life if we are to seize opportunities as they present themselves. On our path to greatness, we can’t afford to procrastinate and take opportunities for granted. Every opportunity of forward progression must be taken as if opportunity will never present itself again.

How to Seize Opportunity In The Moment

1. Eliminate Second Chance Thinking

You have to act as if second chances aren’t given. In all your efforts, give your energy as if this is the last shot you’ll ever get. When we think about what plan B is before we’ve begun to execute plan A, we aren’t giving ourselves the power of full conviction.

2. Be Relentless in Your Pursuit

Seizing opportunity means being relentless in your pursuit. Assume that every door you knock on will eventually open. Think and act as if your dreams have already been delivered to you. Do whatever it takes for as long as it takes whenever it takes.

Seizing Opportunity

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