How to Stay Focused on What Matters


Staying focused is a skill that if honed and matured will yield some amazing dividends in our lives. But really, staying focused isn’t the problem. It’s not that we have a lack of focus. At any given point, we’re all focused on something. If we’re watching tv, we’re focused on that, or being social with friends, at that point in time that’s the activity we’re focused on.

Why It’s Important

The skill of staying focused comes into play when we have to consciously decide what’s most important in our lives, get focused on those things and stay focused on them for an extended period of time to bring about some real results in our lives. Sheesh…that’s the hard part.

Tools to Help Stay Focused

1. Simplify Your Life

One the things we need to do is pick a few things to focus on . The problem with that is we’re ambitious people and we’re already pursuing a lot of good things.. We work, love our families, spend time with friends, volunteer, have side businesses and projects, help our family and friends with their side businesses and projects, we have hobbies and we take the occasional online class just because it’s free.. We fill our plates to the brim because it’s something in all of those things that makes us feel alive and helps us to grow.

But when we pack our schedules to the max and participate in so many varied activities at once, we become the jack of all trades and master of none. Seeing results requires us to minimize our activity sometimes so that we can see real impact.

2. Decided What Matters Most

Aside from picking a few things to focus on, we have to pick the most important things to focus on. And many of us just haven’t decided what’s most important. Our loved ones tell us what they think is most important, society and culture adds their opinion, and sometimes we find ourselves wrestling with the seemingly good advice of others and it’s difficult to hear our own voice clearly. We can get lost in the flash of what looks good versus what is good.

Make It Happen!

The real hard work of making our dreams come true isn’t sexy. The fundamentals of life that make us successful are far from glamorous but when we can truly focus on the right things, avoid the mere glitter and go get the gold, we put ourselves on the right path.


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How to Stay Focused on What Matters

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