How to Create A Great Vision

Having a vision is like the universe coming to your front door step handing you a blank check saying hey this is your check, write down whatever you want to . Now for many of us being handed a blank check would literally be the best moment of our entire lives. No more restrictions, no more lack of resources. We get to write our own ticket to life. But if you were to receive a blank check right now, what you know exactly what you would write down on it? My inclination is that probably not. Of course, you’d say, “I’d write something big.” Some large amount. But in exact terms, do you know what you would write.

The truth of the matter is that every morning when we wake up, life hands us a blank check. Life is telling us you can have whatever you want. There are no restrictions or boundaries. But the only caveat is that life doesn’t tell us when we need to write the amount on the check. So many of us go through our daily lives meandering holding blank checks in our hands that are unfilled out. And we only have these blank check in our hands because life isn’t telling us that we need to decided right now. So we have so much opportunity and promise in our lives and we do nothing about it. We have no vision.

You know that whenever you have a check and you want to cash it, sometimes the bank is closed or sometimes the resources are limited. And the same is true with our lives. We may have a blank check but when we finally figure out what we want to write on it, sometimes life can’t cash exactly what we want and we have to downgrade our dreams because we weren’t proactive and we waited way too long and now we have to accept second best.

But, I don’t believe that has to happen. You know, I love this quote that says, “To be a visionary, all you need to do is make decisions based off your eyes instead of your memory.” Now what this means is simply everyone can be a visionary. And all you need to do is make decisions based off where your life is going instead of where you’ve already been. The truth of the matter is that its difficult to make decisions and not consider our past, how we’ve failed and how we’ve been told “no” before. We have to forget all those things and only make decisions based off where we’re going. Only think about the amount you write on that blank check and decide that you are going to live according to it and nothing else.

Now, everyone is a visionary even if you don’t have the largest grandiose vision, I believe you have some vision. Even if it is small. Now, what I want to do is share a couple tips to help us cast bigger and greater visions.

Think Big

The first thing that we need to do is think big! We have visions of ‘making it’. We have visions of ‘doing alright’, but who wants that!? Who wants average? Who wants mediocre?

I believe that deep within our hearts we all want what is best for ourselves and what is best for those around us. But, something inside of us is fearful of admitting that we want the best. It’s nothing wrong with wanting the best. And to cast a greater vision it means that you have to break out the shell of fear that you have. You have to be honest with what you really want and how big the vision is. Because until you break out of the box and stop limiting yourself with your doubts, fears, and unbelief, you will never be able to accomplish the big vision that is buried deep within your heart.

You need to think big! Because thinking big is not only about you, it’s about the people that will come along side of you to help accomplish your big vision. It’s also about the people that will be served through your big vision. If your vision is for and about you, it’s neither a great, nor a big vision at all. Big visions need teams to accomplish the work.

Write The Vision Down

The next thing you need to do is write your vision down. It seems so simple, but its something many of us don’t do. Writing the vision down creates an emotional attachment to the vision. It leaves our inner beings and minds and actually becomes real because it’s on paper. It’s outside of us.

Writing it down to make it real is only one part. You write your big vision down because it’s not only meant for you. You already know what it is. It’s meant to be shared with the other people that will come beside you to help you accomplish it. Hopefully your vision is so large, it will continue to be accomplished long after you leave the earth.

I think those are the greatest visions, the ones that are set in motion and continue to be executed long into the future. We’ve been successful in creating a legacy because other people have caught the vision, carried it on we have developed leaders to serve other people through what was first given to us. So, when you write the vision down it’s not only so you can understand it and to make it more clear, but to literally hand it off to someone else in the future. Having a big vision just isn’t about us to make us feel great about what we are doing, but it’s for helping someone else come alongside of us. To train them up and give them tools and resources to help them to know they are also able to accomplish something big. Our vision is not “us” focused, but “others” focused. Those are the visions that have the most impact.

Visualize The Vision Coming True

After you think big and write the vision down you have to visualize the vision coming true. Take a moment to close your eyes and think about the vision actually coming to pass. Think about how beautiful it is and how lives are being changed. What is happening? Feel it. See it coming to pass.

After you’ve done that. I want you to closure rise again and feel the reality of today. Feel the disparity of the right now versus the future and how much space is in between the vision not coming to pass. I want you to feel the emptiness of today and how half baked the right now is because you have not accomplished the vision. And if you do not accomplish the vision, then the right now is as good as it is going to be. But, you know that it gets better because you just closed her eyes and felt what it was like to accomplish the vision. So hopefully the only what it is like when the vision comes to pass then coming back to reality drives you all the more. Because when you have been to the top of the mountain and you have experienced success it sucks to come back down.

Every day when you wake up you should feel uncomfortable until you accomplish the vision that you saw coming to pass. Do it enjoy knowing that the journey is making us become better people. But also, be a little discontented. Feel the fact that this is not as great as it can be. Feel the tension of singing tomorrow but living in the today. Because when you have a vision and it is driving you it helps us wake up in the morning. It helps us have the joy of life. It is the secret sauce that we all need to make us as best as we possibly can be.

So, think big, write it down, and visualize it. But, more than anything, decide that you are going to make it come true.




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