Seizing Opportunity

Don’t Take This Opportunity For Granted

What if I told you the opportunity that you have right now is the last opportunity you’ll ever get to make your dreams come true? How would you respond to life if you knew you’d never have another opportunity like the one that before you right now?

This is the type of posture we must take to life if we are to seize opportunities as they present themselves. On our path to greatness, we can’t afford to procrastinate and take opportunities for granted. Every opportunity of forward progression must be taken as if opportunity will never present itself again. Continue reading “Seizing Opportunity”

Seizing Opportunity

How to Stay Focused on What Matters


Staying focused is a skill that if honed and matured will yield some amazing dividends in our lives. But really, staying focused isn’t the problem. It’s not that we have a lack of focus. At any given point, we’re all focused on something. If we’re watching tv, we’re focused on that, or being social with friends, at that point in time that’s the activity we’re focused on.

Why It’s Important

The skill of staying focused comes into play when we have to consciously decide what’s most important in our lives, get focused on those things and stay focused on them for an extended period of time to bring about some real results in our lives. Continue reading “How to Stay Focused on What Matters”

How to Stay Focused on What Matters

How to Keep Your Resolutions


The Reality of Our Resolutions

The new year brings about new vigor. We make audacious goals to quit bad habits and create good ones. We’re excited. We are encouraging and even give encouragement to others. It’s almost like we’re new people. But sadly for so many of us, we experience a decline in that momentum. We aren’t running as fast as we were toward the goal. The goal we set before now seems bigger and almost impossible to accomplish and we begin to experience discouragement. Slowly but surely, the resolution transitions from an I must do to, I should do, to I might do, to its a good idea if I did do…

Hope To Keep Going

But this doesn’t have to be the sustaining reality. If we mustered the courage and momentum to create the goal and pursue it, even if only for a few weeks, we’ve already proven to ourselves that we have what it takes to keep going.

So how do we keep the momentum going and pursue the resolution that meant so much to us just a little while ago?

Tools to Achieve Your Resolutions

  1. Chunk Your Year’s Goal Into Smaller Weekly Goals

Don’t overwhelm yourself. Make it easier by picking smaller goals to focus on to build a momentum and a track record of success. As you make progress, don’t be afraid to change your weekly expectations if you set the bar too high or too low. Forward movement is the key.

2. Track Your Progress

Keep a log of your progress so you can reflect over time and enjoy the small successes. You’ll begin to see improvement and that will combat the self doubt and criticism that may come in the future. Be kind to yourself and remember this is a journey. 

3. Remember Why Your Resolution is Important

On  a daily basis, remind yourself what’s to be gained by attaining the goal. Don’t just focus on the activity, but focus on the feeling you’ll have when you attain victory in your pursuit. 

How to Keep Your Resolutions

How to Create A Great Vision

Having a vision is like the universe coming to your front door step handing you a blank check saying hey this is your check, write down whatever you want to . Now for many of us being handed a blank check would literally be the best moment of our entire lives. No more restrictions, no more lack of resources. We get to write our own ticket to life. But if you were to receive a blank check right now, what you know exactly what you would write down on it? My inclination is that probably not. Of course, you’d say, “I’d write something big.” Some large amount. But in exact terms, do you know what you would write.

The truth of the matter is that every morning when we wake up, life hands us a blank check. Life is telling us you can have whatever you want. There are no restrictions or boundaries. But the only caveat is that life doesn’t tell us when we need to write the amount on the check. So many of us go through our daily lives meandering holding blank checks in our hands that are unfilled out. And we only have these blank check in our hands because life isn’t telling us that we need to decided right now. Continue reading “How to Create A Great Vision”